Black Rhino painted in Skre camo

   For Years Blowguns have been painted Black, at Gunsthatblow we think their is a better way.  Our blowguns offer unique styling that is not found on your typical website.  Our Black Rhino series painted blow guns will be the envy of anyone that sees you shooting it.  Our guns are made with care and handcrafted in the USA.     

*This  blowgun is powerful enough to reach speeds of over 300 fps. 

*The blowgun is made using a custom forming die with aircraft grade T6062 aluminum, this die is held to a tolerance of 3 thousands of an inch.  Allowing for maximum velocity on your darts. 

*Comes in 3 different sizes 24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch.  The longer the Blowgun, the greater the accuracy, the faster it shoots, and the more power the darts will have on impact. 

   Comes with a full packet of Stun Darts, Spike darts, 5 inch long Wood Darts, Spear Darts, Target Darts,