The Black Rhino Collection

The lighter the Blowgun, the easier it is to shoot. Our new Black Rhino Blowgun has a 100% real carbon fiber barrel. Making it one of the lightest and most powerful blowguns on the market.

*Twill weave pattern so it looks amazing. 

*Created using 50 Caliber size darts, this blowgun will shoot over 300 feet per second, the longer the blowgun the more accurate and the faster it will shoot. 

*Comes with a full packet of Stun Darts, Spike darts, 5 inch long Wood Darts, Spear Darts, Target Darts, and Broad-head Darts    

*The 5 foot version is a glued permanent connection that is installed by the customer. (glue is provided)

Made in the USA!!!!